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Become an Art Supporter: COVID19

If you are interested in making a financial contribution, please know that Colorful is NOT a non-profit and therefore your contribution will not be tax-deductible. All financial contributions will go directly towards business operation expenses in order to keep the business operational through the ongoing pandemic. If you make a financial contribution, you will receive a thank you email with links to download and print some fun coloring pages (made by me) of downtown Williamsburg!


It’s been a long term goal of mine to start a scholarship fund for students to attend after school classes at no cost to them. This would be funded by community art supporters, such as yourself. But right now, I’m asking for assistance in maintaining the everyday costs of Colorful so there will be a studio space to come back to. If Colorful can make it through this pandemic, a scholarship fund will be setup.

Thank you for supporting small business and the visual arts!

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